The series of anniversary activities for the Indonesian Literature Study Program “Gema Budaya” was held lively for five days from 21-25 August 2023. The highlight of the activity was a ketoprak performance on Friday at 19.00 WIB in the Multipurpose Building, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Diponegoro University. In collaboration with Sanggar Sri Mulyo, lecturers from the Indonesian Literature Study Program and several lecturers from across study programs at FIB staged the play “Darpo Kayun”. The Ketoprak was directed by Laura Andry R.M., S.S., M.A. as PIC of Dies Natalis and also secretary of the Indonesian Literature study program and Mr Karnaan from Sanggar Sri Mulyo.
This performance attracted the attention of the public and students, as evidenced by the large number of spectators exceeding the capacity provided. The play “Darpo Kayun” itself has actually often been featured in various Ketoprak performances, but Ketoprak performances on campus have not yet become a tradition, especially at FIB UNDIP. Therefore, the Ketoprak performance organized by the Indonesian Literature Study Program is expected to bring students and the community closer to traditional arts.
The story performed in the ketoprak centers on the arrogance and greed of Prince Darpo. The struggle for power that occurred resulted in the deaths of the princes, namely Taruna and Darpo himself. Even though it presented a tragic story, the Ketoprak performance did not only present sadness for the audience, on the contrary, the audience was actually entertained because in between the main story, an antagonist character was also presented with a humorous attitude. (Demang Losari) and also jokes presented by the leaders to lighten the atmosphere. Don’t forget, the gamelan music accompanied by the dances that are presented also make the ketoprak performance even more lively and entertaining.
Laura Andry R.M., S.S., M.A., and Khotibul Umam, S.S., M.Hum., as those responsible for the 2023 Indonesian Literature Study Program Anniversary activities stated that it is hoped that similar activities can continue to be carried out in the future so that they can motivate academics and the public to always love traditional art. Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M. Hum. as Chair of the Indonesian Literature Study Program also stated the same thing and expressed his thanks to the many parties involved in all the Indonesian Literature Study Program Anniversary activities.
“See you at the next Indonesian Literature Study Program event!” .