On March 12, 2023, a Fairy Tale Performance in Semarang was held. This performance is an activity held by the Mentari Fairytale House to complete the mission of the 10 Archipelago Fairy Tales Tour.

Having previously been held in Jakarta, this time the City of Semarang was the chosen place to host this Fairytale Performance event. The activity contained three series of events, namely the 10 Archipelago Fairy Tales Performance, the 10 Archipelago Fairy Tales Book Reading Circle, and the 10 Archipelago Fairy Tales Book Activation Activity.

Five people were invited to be speakers in this activity, one of which is Olivia SekarNingrum, Indonesian Literature Study Program student class of 2020. On this occasion, Olivtold a story about one of the folk tales originating from West Sumatra entitled “Si LebaiMalang”. This fable tells of the consequences that occur to a person if he has a greedy disposition. The moral message that can be conveyed to children in this story is that children learn to be less greedy. Not only storytelling, but Oliv also tried to apply another method in the form of a guessing game to find out whether the children properly understood the contents of the story and also the moral message contained in the fairy tale or not. The children looked very enthusiastic to hear the fairy tales delivered by Oliv.

Storytelling is an activity that Oliv has loved since he was a child. He was interested in participating in these kinds of activities because he felt that with fairy tales he could convey a moral message in a fun way. “Because since elementary school, I have often told stories. I think fairy tales can be a way to instill morals in children in a fun way and without being patronizing, and can also increase their imagination,” he said.

Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M.Hum as Chair of the Undip Indonesian Literature Study Program expressed his appreciation and fully supported the activities that Oliv was carrying out. He hopes that what Oliv is doing can be an inspiration to other Indonesian Literature students so that more students will be interested in participating in positive activities like this. (Kristy)