There are several changes to the Webometrics ranking indicators in 2023. The latest indicator is a revision of the indicators previously issued in 2020. Diponegoro University socialized the change in these indicators in a series of website development assistance activities held at the Aruss Hotel Semarang on Friday, April 14, 2023. The activity involving Undip ranking office managers and website managers at the faculty level is aimed at accelerating the improvement of Undip’s website quality at the university, faculty, and study program levels.

Changes in these indicators lie in the component indicators as well as the evaluation methodology for several components. As it is known that in 2020, the components of the ranking indicators used by Webometrics include Presence, Visibility, Transparency (or Openness), and Excellence (or Scholars). In 2023, the indicator component in the form of Presence will begin to be removed. Presence (Public Knowledge Shared) is an indicator component whose assessment is based on the size (number of pages) of the institution’s main web domain including all subdomains that share the same (central/main) web domain. Therefore, in 2023, the components of the Webometrics ranking indicators only cover three things, namely Visibility, Transparency and Excellence.

In addition, there are methodological changes to the Transparency and Excellence indicators. Transparency is an indicator based on Top Cited Researchers. In this indicator, the change lies in the specified top author range, namely from 210 authors to 310 authors. With regard to Excellence, which refers to data for the last five years, in 2023 the data referred to is data for the 2017-2021 period.

The percentage of ratings has also changed in one of the indicators as a result of the removal of the Presence indicator. The Excellence indicator has increased to 40% from the previous 35%.

On this occasion, it was also explained in detail the things that need to be considered by lecturers as researchers in relation to the Transparency indicator. Lecturers as researchers are encouraged to present profiles on Google Scholar in a transparent manner, including in the form of using a single account, consistency of affiliate names and e-mails, and being careful in claiming research titles. (Marta W)