Becoming a Public Relations Officer at the Central Java Provincial Government was Ulayya Putri Anggraini’s first choice in determining her internship obligation in Semester IV. As the principle of PR work explained in the Public Relations Course, relationship building is important. The relationship that Ulayya built as a student of the Indonesian Literature Study Program at FIB UNDIP began in the Broadcasting Course taught by a senior practitioner at Suara Merdeka, namely a senior journalist who is familiarly called Mas Heri. This relationship building also made it easy for Ulayya to be recommended for an internship in Public Relations at the Central Java Provincial Government.

This internship journey begins with contacting internal parties to get detailed administrative information to get an initial shadow before work implementation. The core activity of public relations here is to recap all activities of the Governor, who at that time was led by Ganjar Pranowo, Taj Yasin Maimoen as Deputy Governor, and Sumarno as Regional Secretary of Central Java. In addition to recapitulating activities in visual form, Ulayya also edits the news that has been narrated by the reporter. Not only that, Ulayya, who is experienced as a voice-over talent, is also given the opportunity to demonstrate his abilities to become material uploaded in the virtual space of the Central Java Provincial Government.

As a student of Indonesian Literature, this experience is very valuable, even with the knowledge that he has practiced from Semester I to Semester IV. Not only that, rhetoric and communication techniques are also very influential even though their application is outside the field of work, which is commonly done in social processes.

After all these processes, Ulayya also felt that the status of an internship student was a privilege. There were not so many difficulties she experienced because she was given the widest possible opportunity to be able to know in depth the activities in the government room. Ulayya’s experience received a positive response from Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M.Hum., the Head of the Indonesian Literature Study Program. According to him, an active and constructive impression is a good start in the world of work. (Ulayya)