The 2022 Semarang Monologue Parade will be held on 22-23 October 2022. This activity, which is one of the opening doors for performing arts after the Covid-19 Pandemic, was initiated by creative youth and artists in Semarang. They are members of several organizations that work collaboratively, namely the Semarang Arts Council, Gilo-Gilo Semarang, Panggung Kahanan, Komekraf Semarang City, and the Monday Legi Forum.

Being one of the experts in show management, Laura Andri, S.S., M.A., was present as a spark for discussion at the event. As a lecturer in the Indonesian Literature Study Program, FIB UNDIP, Laura Andri, S.S., M.A. helped a lot in the creative process that produced results so that the Semarang Monologue could be carried out.

Laura Andri, S.S., M.A. many see how a performance management becomes important to follow the process before the performance is held so that it can be realized visually. The landscape of the creative process can also be seen in various ways from the arrival of various theater communities from Semarang and several other cities in Indonesia. The event was well publicized as seen from the enthusiasm of the audience who packed the Semarang Creative Hub. This is also a portrait of the opening of performing arts activities that had suspended animation during the pandemic.

The discussion on performance management initiated by Laura Andri, S.S., M.A., became the intellectual mouthpiece presented by Daniel Hakiki. Previously, Daniel Hakiki talked about theater as one of the products of oral literature that continues to rise as its development is recorded in the history of performing arts. Various angles of theater management continue to develop as recorded history.

Either Daniel Hakiki or Laura Andri, S.S., M.A. has illustrated the essential universe in the creative process of performing arts. Theater in its various forms of visual illustrations has accompanied the social life of the Indonesian people. This was also expressively conveyed by the Semarang Monologue Parade with the big theme “Meramu Rindu Becomes Gathering”.

The activity of Laura Andri, S.S., M.A. in the application of scientific exclusion is seen positively by Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M. Hum., as the Head of Indonesian Literature Study Program FIB UNDIP. This proves that the scientific scope of Indonesian Literature lecturers at FIB UNDIP plays a role in the lecture space and is always open to benefit the wider community. (Hamdan)