Gentan Village, located in Bendosari Sub-district, has a rich and culturally valuable karawitan tradition. However, over time, the distinctive vocabulary associated with this musical art has been eroded and neglected.

In order to preserve and dig deeper into the vocabulary, a work program has been implemented by UNDIP KKN Team II members, who are under the guidance of Drs. Hartono, M.T., Nailil Inayah entitled “Assistance in Making Vocabulary Inventory in Karawitan Art”.

This program aims to document and preserve the specific vocabulary associated with karawitan art in Gentan Village. This documentation is expected to be a valuable reference for current and future generations, as well as raise public awareness of the importance of preserving their cultural heritage.

This program lasted for two weeks, starting from 26 July to 9 August 2023. Some of the steps taken in the implementation of this program are conducting preliminary research to identify specific vocabulary in karawitan art that needs to be documented. Then, interviews were conducted with elderly figures in Gentan Village who have in-depth knowledge of karawitan art. These interviews aimed to gather information about the vocabulary and the meaning behind it. Data from the research and interviews were compiled and analyzed to create a list of relevant vocabulary.

The results of this vocabulary inventory were put into book form in the form of Kamus Istilah Kesenian Karawitan. These results were also published through school libraries, one of which was SD Negeri Gentan 03.

This program resulted in a rich and meaningful vocabulary inventory in Karawitan. In addition, this program also has a positive impact on raising public awareness of the importance of preserving local cultural heritage. The younger generation and educators can also use this inventory as a valuable learning resource.