Two important figures in Klaten visited the UNDIP Faculty of Cultural Sciences on 13 October 2023 to discuss Klaten’s progress. Efforts to bring out the cultural potential of Klaten so that it can compete was the main topic in the discussion between the Chairman and Secretary General of the Klaten Residents’ Association (PWK) and Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, SS, M Hum, lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB) Diponegoro University (UNDIP).
Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M.Hum emphasized the importance of a special strategy in the form of differentiation so that Klaten is able to compete with the development of cultural wealth in Yogyakarta and Solo. Klaten must have certain characteristics and advantages that are optimized intensively so that it can reach the wider community. Examples of success in cultural packaging such as Bali, Yogyakarta and Solo are an inspiration, where culture is maintained without sacrificing cultural values themselves.
Both parties agreed that this business needs to be synergized with the tourism sector to produce a more massive movement. Various events in Klaten can be used as a means to encourage the enthusiasm and initiative of Klaten residents in building their culture.
The discussion closed with the presentation of souvenirs in the form of the book “Arya Penangsang” by Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M. Hum. to PWK. It is hoped that this joint discussion can have a positive impact on strengthening the existence of Klaten culture in the future. (MW)