Weru, Sukoharjo (24/7) — Mental health is important, especially for children. The cause of mental problems in children is usually their emotions that are not channeled properly. The simplest channeling of emotions is through writing. Therefore, the introduction of literature to children is one way to channel their emotions.

One of the members of KKN TIM II UNDIP in 2023 under the guidance of Priyo Sidik Sasongko, S.Si., M.Kom., namely Lina Fitria Astuti, who is a student majoring in Indonesian Literature, conducted an empowerment program and introduced literary works, especially poetry to elementary school children. The program was held on July 24, 2023, at SDN Weru 02.

The teachers and principal of SDN Weru 02 fully supported the activity. This is due to the hope that this program can increase the creativity of students and help to channel their emotions that may not have been channeled properly.

This opportunity was utilized by Lina Fitria Astuti to introduce literature to third and fourth-grade students of SDN Weru 02, using classroom learning methods and poetry practice. Poetry is given because it is a literary work that is easy to understand and assemble. The children were very enthusiastic and eager to create poems.

In addition to literary works, exposure was also given regarding emotions. In this case, emotions are explained briefly and only basic emotions are presented, such as emotions of anger, happiness, sadness, and others. This is to provide an understanding of their emotions and feelings.

The children were asked to create poems tailored to their own feelings. The results were quite good and on average they already understood their own emotions. Although there was one fourth grader who did not understand his own emotions, on that day. Thankfully, he already understood the poem and how to make it.

With the implementation of this program, it is hoped that it can make children more creative and understand the importance of channeling the emotions they feel. For access to the online link of the poetry collection: http://bit.ly/AntologiPuisi_FlipBook