Senandika Short Story Anthology: Memoirs of Post-Campus became a work that was discussed on October 15, 2022. Written by 23 alumni of FIB UNDIP, the authors collaborated with Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M. Hum., Fikri Widiastuty Utami, S.S., and Roh Agung Dwi W., as resource persons who discussed the longing for ‘love stories’ on campus and beyond. Using the sub-theme Memoirs Post-campus, this short story anthology ignites a sense of longing for campus life and how that longing is reflected again in travel spaces after graduating from campus.

Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M. Hum. highlighting the vastness of nature, the beauty of the world, and the ever-moving life of Senandika Short Story Anthology: Memoirs of Post-Campus. The aesthetic that is then formed as a story will not be separated from the romance that becomes the spice in it. Romantic stories from various perspectives become part of the journey of life that builds themselves and the stories of their writers.

Furthermore, Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M. Hum. also explained that this short story contains travel value. This is related to the purpose of the movement of space that can be photographed in it. Space travel can be found in a person’s movement from campus construction to cities, provinces, and across continents. This highlight is important according to Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M. Hum. as can be seen from the professions and places of residence of the writers who are now very diverse.

Senandika Short Story Anthology: Memoirs of Post-Campus is also a meeting room for the writers to reminisce about life on campus that they both love. UNDIP as a meeting room becomes the center that accommodates the ideas of the wide range of minds of the authors. Of course, these encounters are ideological and narrative in nature, showing the diverse worlds of experiences that are gathered collectively. WS Ningrum, for example, as an alumni of FIB UNDIP who is now a Lecturer at the University of Palangkaraya will get two spaces of life when he was a student at UNDIP and how it builds itself and its narrative after now being a lecturer. Apart from WS Ningrum, Firas Sabila Nuraini’s experience certainly has a different narrative contribution, especially now that she is a consultant at PT. AUN Wahana Jaya.

These various spaces of experience also become a discussion that the other two sources cannot let go of. As a literacy activist, Fikri Widiastuty Utami, S.S. also takes an understanding of the narrative experiences of the contributors in the Senandika Short Story Anthology: Memoirs of Post-Campus. The same agreement was also expressed by the Roh Agung Dwi W. with his experience in writing Monologue with the Heart.

This online book review activity also received appreciation from viewers who were experiencing the same thing. The alumni who came virtually immersed themselves in the longing for life while still on campus. The same thing became a reflection of the future for students who participated in witnessing the Launching and Review of Senandika Short Story Anthology: Memoirs of Post-Campus. (Hamdan)