Research and community service activities are one of the tasks of the Tri Dharma College. For lecturers, this task must be carried out simultaneously and continuously. This research and community service activity is carried out so that lecturers do not only focus on teaching and learning assignments to students. In connection with this research assignment, now there are quite a lot of challenges faced by researchers, especially in the digital era 4.0. In this digital era, researchers must be able to choose a topic or research model that is able to answer the challenges of the times. In order to find research methods and topics, the Indonesian Literature study program held an International Seminar by inviting experts from abroad.

This activity was chaired by Nur Fauzan Ahmad, S.S., M.A. The presenter of this international webinar event is Prof. der. Jan Van der Puttern from the University of Hamburg, Germany, and Hywell Coleman, from Leeds University. The event which was held on Saturday, 22nd August 2020 at 14.00 – 16.30 pm, was attended by lecturers, researchers, students (S1, S2, S3) from various Indonesian Literature study programs from various universities throughout Indonesia, as well as foreign participants who were targeted to reach 1,000 participants. This seminar was conducted online because of seeing the covid-19 pandemic situation, as well as offline as a venue for the committee which was located in the seminar room on the 3rd floor of the D FIB Undip building. By holding this seminar, it is hoped that new and interesting topics can be revealed to arouse the enthusiasm for research among academics, especially researchers in linguistics, literature, and philology.

The goals of this International Webinar are:

Raising the enthusiasm for research in the digital era, especially among researchers in universities;
Looking for models and research topics that are interesting and useful for the development of study program learning;
Inviting lecturers of the Indonesian Literature study program in particular to compete to make new research proposals in the fields of linguistics, literature, and philology.

Improve the quality of research results for young researchers in the Indonesian Literature Study Program in particular, and seminar participants in general