Professionalism is an important aspect in supporting the effectiveness and productivity of work. Along with the dense workload, the quality of performance often decreases. In this regard, lecturers and education staff of the Indonesian Literature Study Program participated in professional development activities in Malang. The activity was organized by the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Diponegoro University in order to improve the excellent service of educators and education staff. Activities for education staff will be held on September 9-11, while for education staff will take place from September 23-25, 2022.

In the material, Drs. Suharyo M. Hum. emphasize the importance of work professionalism. This includes attitudes, skills, and knowledge. Drs. Suharyo M. Hum., as deputy dean II of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences emphasized the importance of working hard, taking risks, and being firm but also gentle. In this case, the ability to be able to place oneself in making decisions and communicating with colleagues also needs to be developed. However, harmonization in the work environment needs to be maintained so as not to interfere with professionalism at work.

The series of events, in addition to carrying the core event in the form of a professional development seminar, is also accompanied by tourist visits. This certainly has a positive impact on educators and education staff to be able to eliminate fatigue. In addition, gathering together can also increase intimacy and solidarity between lecturers and education staff. The event is one of the important strategies carried out by Diponegoro University in ensuring the quality of its teaching and educational staff so that they are able to provide excellent service for students. (MW)