The mandatory internship program worth three credits or 43 working days has been taken by Indonesian Literature students of FIB Undip who are now in their fifth semester. One of the two students is Aramuti Bunga and Hesti Dwi Arini who successfully carried out an internship at Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) Semarang.

They work in the field of news, where they are assigned as a reporter who looks for and reports news. Not a few experiences and valuable lessons learned during the internship at RRI. Carrying the alma mater of a favorite state campus is both a challenge and an opportunity for them.

Aramuti said she was able to deal with the various additional tasks given. “We replaced a permanent reporter to cover an event where the guest speaker was the deputy governor. Alhamdulillah, we were able to complete all the work, even though there was no prior preparation,” she said, Wednesday (20/09/2023).

The two students were able to produce more than 40 online news, photo news, and two radio broadcasts during 43 days at RRI Semarang. Their enthusiasm during their internship attracted the attention of the leadership and staff of RRI Semarang.

RRI always gave a positive response to their work. “Everyone received us very well, during the internship we were not only given material as a briefing, but also advice and motivation. Several times we were offered jobs by mentors and resource persons,” said Hesti.

The mandatory internship can make an impression on students. Not only new relationships and insights, the news coverage they do makes them have a lot of experience and a wide network. Some of the sources in the news include students, communities, lecturers, teachers, police, market traders, communities, and others.

Before the internship was over, they had an equally interesting experience, covering and participating in a series of Live Chat Music Concert activities. The internship activity was closed by making a presentation as a form of accountability to the RRI which was accompanied directly by the Indonesian Literature internship lecturer. Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M.Hum. sees the positive results of students carrying out this internship as a practical achievement in the world of work and needs to be continuously developed. (Ara and Hesti)