Pekalongan (14/08/2023) – Monday, 24 July 2023, KKN TIM II UNDIP students under the guidance of Muhammad Iqbal Fauzan, S.P., M.Si., carried out a scientific work program for the Simple Writing Competition at SD Negeri 2 Talun, Pekalongan.

This activity is a scientific work program of the Indonesian Literature Study Program in collaboration with the Public Administration Study Program and the Law Study Program.

Written work is a person’s idea based on experience, feelings, ideas, and enthusiasm which is then poured into a work.

The theme raised in the simple literary writing competition is ‘Democracy and Mental Revolution’. Before the competition began, students were given an explanation about simple writing.

After the presentation of the material, the competition began. Students were given 30 minutes to start working on the writing after which it was assessed by KKN TIM II UNDIP students. From the assessment results, the three best students in writing simple papers were sought.

With this program, it is hoped that students will understand more about the word simple writing and will still have high creativity in the future.