The Indonesian Literature Study Program is the first study program established from the beginning of the establishment of Faculty of Literature, which at that time was named the Faculty of Literature and Culture. The establishment of this study program as well as the faculty departs from the idea of establishment as stated in the consideration of the Decree of the UNDIP’s Rector No. 626/Sp/Adm/BUP/1965 dated January 25, 1965 concerning the Establishment of the Faculty of Literature Establishment Committee which written as follows:

“The Central Java is an area that rich of Indonesian historical, cultural, and literary sources.”

With the hard work of the commitee leaded by Prof. Soenario S.H., this faculty was established on September 1, 1965 with the Ministerial Decree PTIP No. 173/1965 dated August 21, 1965 with a study program or department, namely the Department of Indonesiology. The department was established with the hope that the graduates are expected to be able to perform a research and broaden the insight regarding Indonesian literature, language, history, and culture in the hope that it could become widely known by international community. In line with the development and guidance of the era, the Faculty of Literature and Culture established a new department, namely: The Department of Anglo-Saxon (1967) and the Department of History (1974). The Department of Indonesiology then changed into Indonesian Literature, the Department of Anglo-Saxon also changed into English Department, and Department of History was changed into History Department. The determination of the Department of Indonesiology was based on the Decree of PTIP No. 173/1965. However, the new Indonesian Literature Department certificate was confirmed by the Director General of Higher Education on July 11, 1996 No. 220 / Dikti / Kep / 96.

Based on the accreditation certificate issued by the National Accreditation Board of the Republic of Indonesia No. 773 / SK / BAN-PT / Accredited / S / VII / 2015, it was decided that the Bachelor of Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program was accredited with an A rank.