The Grand Champion Creative Art Competition commemorating the 62nd Anniversary of the Undip Faculty of Medicine was held lively on September 30 2023 in the Gedung Serba Guna room of the Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University. Muhammad Hamdan Mukafi, S.S., M.A. as a lecturer in the Indonesian Literature Study Program was presented as a judge for the poetry competition. The poetry reading competition was attended by active students, lecturers, alumni and the entire community of the Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University.
Poems by famous writers in the Indonesian literary journey echoed throughout the activity from 09.00 -12.00 WIB. The selected poems are Prayer (Taufiq Ismail), Standing Me (by Amir Hamzah), Patience (Chairil Anwar), Aku (by Chairil Anwar), and The Meaning of an Entrustment (by WS Rendra). Poems with various themes were deliberately chosen to represent various expressions, thereby expanding participants’ opportunities to explore their capacities.
“This competition held by FK is an appreciation of literature and culture, which proves that both live and reside in everyone’s soul. “Scientific knowledge, even if we look at Jules Verne’s narrative, has been part of literature for a long time,” said Muhammad Hamdan Mukafi, S.S., M.A.
This involvement is proof of the support of Indonesian Literature Lecturer Study Program lecturers in various activities that bring language and literature to life. The Indonesian Literature Study Program lecturers are always open and ready to contribute to similar activities in the future. Collaboration with various parties continues to be sought to improve the performance of lecturers at national and international levels.