The ability to write in various applied fields is one of the reflections of the Indonesian Literature Study Program Lecturer FIB UNDIP. On December 3, 2022, Muhammad Hamdan Mukafi, M.A., attended a virtual invitation from Pinry’s House and the Lamongan Regency Government as an expert lecturer in the field of creative writing. The invitation was delivered by Nita Rizky Yani, S.Hum. as the promoter of Pinry’s House and literacy activist in Lamongan Regency. On this occasion, Muhammad Hamdan Mukafi, M.A. highlighted the usefulness of SEO as it relates to a variety of branding and advertising needs.

As a lecturer who is now closer to scientific writing, Muhammad Hamdan Mukafi, M.A. explained that the implementation of SEO exists in various types of writing, including scientific writing. Consciously someone who writes scientific variations by taking theoretical variables repeats the discussion in each chapter. This can also be seen as SEO when uploaded to the website.

Furthermore, Muhammad Hamdan Mukafi, M.A. also explained that the general SEO shown by articles on blogs and websites is a form of repetition that makes readers not stop reading. When a reader opens a website and sees a repeated word, for example corn, with its various applied branches (for example sweet corn, Wonogiri corn, and so on), the reader will be provoked to read to the end. SEO, which is known as Search Engine Optimization, has become a magnet that attracts the reader’s eye to an article on the website.

In the material presented by the lecturer of the Indonesian Literature Study Program FIB UNDIP, the relationship between SEO and branding and advertising rhetoric was also conveyed. Apart from using SEO as a reader magnet, a writer who wants his name to be known in the digital space also needs to study various applications that support branding and advertising such as Facebook and Instagram. The monetization system in these two virtual spaces can be connected with articles written on a website so that branding and advertising results achieve satisfactory results. This material was also emphasized by Hafid Rofi Pradana, S.Pd. as one of the invitees who are now starting to build their digital empire in Lamongan.

Seeing the activeness of Muhammad Hamdan Mukafi, M.A. The Head of the Indonesian Literature Study Program FIB UNDIP gave his appreciation. It is proven that a lecturer not only plays a role in the realm of education but is also able to compete in the creative arena. This is especially believed by Dr. Sukarjo Waluyo, M.Hum. as loaded to be a fighter in the latest era.