Student mental health is one of the topics of discussion that has attracted the attention of many students lately. As a form of concern for student mental health, BEM FIB UNDIP held a discussion related to this at the Literary Sunday Night (MANGSA) event. The event took place at Crop Circle FIB UNDIP on Saturday, 23 September 2023.


MANGSA itself is actually a routine activity initiated by BEM FIB UNDIP to support freedom of expression in the campus environment, especially the Faculty of Cultural Sciences. In addition, the night of literature week (MANGSA) is also intended to accommodate the talents of students and students of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences in the field of art.


The theme presented this time was Suicide Awareness “Suduk Jiwa”. Specifically, the discussion session discussed “Beware of Ending Life in the Crowded Student Activities” with discussion starters namely Muhammad Hamdan Mukafi, S.S., M.A. (Lecturer of Indonesian Literature), M. Zidan Richal Fajril Falah (Indonesian Literature Student), and Jordan Vegard (Chairman of BEM Psychology), as well as Nur Maajid Taufikurrahman (Staff of Kastrat BEM FIB UNDIP).


This activity was complemented by various performances, namely from WMS, The Silas, Three Language Oration, Free Stage, Short Movie Screening “Suduk Jiwa”, and closed with the performance of Gambang Semarang Arts (KGS).


This activity is a proof of the concern and awareness of lecturers and students towards problems that are prone to occur in the present. Through this weighty discussion session, students are expected to be wiser in managing emotions so that mentality is maintained.